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Aliera Health and Health Connector Special Enrollment Period

August 14, 2019

The Health Connector opened a Special Enrollment Period (SEP) available for Massachusetts residents who are or were at any point in 2019 members of an Aliera "health-sharing ministry." Aliera has come under recent scrutiny, including by the Massachusetts Division of Insurance, for potentially operating illegally in Massachusetts and other states. In response, the Health Connector is taking steps to bring affected Massachusetts residents into comprehensive, lawfully-sold coverage by offering a SEP. Individuals seeking to access this SEP should contact Customer Service (1-877-623-6765). Please read the related administrative bulletin regarding this SEP found here:

As a reminder, the Health Connector opened a SEP in June 2019 for Massachusetts residents affected by another scam plan through the Florida-based company called "Simple Health." This company has since been shut down by a federal court order because of a complaint to the Federal Trade Commission. The Health Connector reached out to the approximately 50 affected Massachusetts residents to offer assistance in getting enrolled in comprehensive, lawful coverage through the Health Connector. Individuals affected by Simple Health may still contact Customer Service to access this SEP. The administrative bulletin regarding this SEP can be found here:

The Health Connector certifies that plans sold through provide comprehensive and lawful coverage. For more information about how to help consumers identify and avoid scam insurance, please review our page on scam health insurance plans:

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