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The American Rescue Plan will deliver new and extra help paying for health insurance to Health Connector Members

March 26, 2021

Those savings come in the form of increased Advance Premium Tax Credits (APTCs). Last night, 3/25/21, the Health Connector made changes to the online application at to allow anyone submitting an application for the first time or reporting a change who qualifies for ConnectorCare or APTC-only plans to receive additional subsidies for their May coverage.
Following this system change, applicants and Assisters may see monthly premiums that are further reduced due to the American Rescue Plan changes. You will also see a new banner up on the eligibility results page explaining that anyone with income over 400% will not see enhanced subsidies until later. Last night’s system update only impacts those with income under 400% of FPL who either apply for the first time or report a change and re-run their eligibility themselves or through Customer Service or an Assister. Current Health Connector members who do not have any application changes to report do not need to take any action as a result of these system updates. These members will have their eligibility for additional subsidies rechecked automatically by the Health Connector in April or May
Sample screenshot of the new banner message:
In summary:
  • Anyone submitting an application for the first time or reporting a change who qualifies for ConnectorCare or APTC-only plans could receive additional subsidies for their May coverage, even if their income did not change.
  • Current Health Connector members do not need to do anything to get this new extra help. The Health Connector will be checking each member’s status in April and May.
  • Learn more about the American Rescue Plan and the benefits for Health Connector members by attending one of the upcoming MTF session. 
  • If members do not want to take the full amount of their APTCs, they can take less by using the “slider” available from the Change Tax Credit link, found on the Find a Health Plan page of their application.

Reminders regarding system updates for the online application at

It is recommended that following any systems release or update, clearing your cache or internet history before accessing the online application will provide for a better web experience.

For more technical information, visit then scroll down to choose the subsection: How to clear your browser's cache (history/memory).