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Behavioral Health Claims Reprocessed for Code Corrections

June 3, 2024
Over the past three months, EOHHS has noticed an uptick in escalations related to a number of behavioral health procedure codes. It was determined that the majority of these claims were older claims that could be reprocessed. Efforts have been made to identify similar examples and a significant number of claims meeting the below criteria have been identified. Reprocessing of the identified claims has begun as of 5/20/24. Please note: Medicare crossover claims were not included but will be reprocessed at a later date.
  • Procedure codes: 90791, 90832, 90834, 90837, 90847, 90853, 90882, 90887, with and without modifiers
  • Dates of service: 01/01/2023-01/31/2024
If you have questions, please contact MassHealth at or (800) 849-2900.