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End of Year Tax Filing Reminders for Health Connector Members

January 31, 2023

Health Connector Member Tax Filing Responsibilities

Each January, those who are enrolled in Health Connector health plans during the previous calendar year receive a 1095-A tax form. These forms are to be used when preparing federal tax returns. In addition, all Health Connector members receive a form 1099-HC from the health plan they are enrolled with, which should be used when preparing state tax returns.

Health Connector members who received Advance Premium Tax Credits (APTCs) to help reduce the cost of their coverage (including those enrolled in ConnectorCare plans) are required to file taxes and reconcile any APTCs received in order to remain eligible for tax credits in the future. In addition, those who did not receive APTCs in 2022 can use the information on their 1095-A to find out if they qualify to receive premium tax credits when they file their federal income tax returns.

• To learn more about the tax filing process, APTCs and how they relate to maintaining Health Connector health coverage, review information from the Health Connector’s website.
• Please see the updated letters to Tax Preparers for ConnectorCare members (available in English and Spanish) and information about free tax assistance

Update on Health Connector 1095-A Tax Forms

All 1095-A tax forms will be mailed to anyone who had health insurance through the Health Connector in 2022 by January 31st. If a member hasn’t received their form yet, they should receive them by mid February.

Once a 1095 form is generated, a PDF version of the file will be available in the Member Portal. To request a duplicate 1095-A form, Health Connector members can either download and print a copy of their form from the Tax Forms section on the Member Portal or call Health Connector Customer Service to request a duplicate be mailed to them.

Please note that if a member was enrolled with more than one carrier during the year, they can expect to receive a form for each carrier.

Here are the steps a Health Connector member can take to download their tax forms:

1. Go to

2. Click Log In at the top of the screen, then choose Individuals and Families

3. Sign In with your Optum ID (username) and password

4. Click My Enrollments

5. Click the Make a Payment button

6. Download and print a copy of the 1095-A form from the Tax Forms section on the Member Portal.

Tip: Make sure your browser’s pop-up blocker is disabled or allows pop-ups from

Requesting a Corrected 1095-A

If you are helping a member and they believe there’s a mistake on their form 1095-A, call Health Connector Customer Service and explain that you would like a “corrected” form and describe the enrollment error that needs to be fixed. Health Connector Customer Service can let the member know if a corrected form is needed. If a correction needs to be made, it may require enrollment changes and carrier approval. It is recommended to report any corrections to tax forms by March 1 to allow time for the new forms to be sent out prior to the tax filing deadline.

Note: Navigators can view notices and forms, Certified Application Counselors (CACs) cannot.