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The Health Connector is maintaining an extended Open Enrollment period through July 23

March 29, 2021

In an effort to continue to support Massachusetts residents through the COVID-19 public health emergency and to fully allow consumers to take advantage of the new savings available to Health Connector members through the American Rescue Plan, the Health Connector is maintaining an extended Open Enrollment through July 23rd.

The intention is to help people who currently do not have health insurance and need coverage.

• Review the administrative bulletin from the Health Connector website.
• Learn more about what the American Rescue Plan will mean for Health Connector members, at one of the upcoming Health Connector MTF webinars. Registration will be available soon.
• Review the Health Connector FAQs and other helpful information about the American Rescue Plan

Federal and State Tax deadlines are extended to May 17

Both the Internal Revenue Service and the Massachusetts Department of Revenue have announced extensions to the federal and state tax filing deadlines. As a reminder, Health Connector members must file taxes and reconcile any federal advance premium tax credits (APTCs) they received to:

Ensure that they remain eligible in the future for ConnectorCare and Health Connector plans with APTCs that help eliminate or reduce their monthly premiums

• Find out whether or not they are eligible for any more Premium Tax Credits through a refund

When members file state taxes, they can prove that they met state coverage requirements - if applicable.

• Review the tax filing information from the Health Connector website
• Find where members can get free help with tax preparation
• Learn more about how the IRS is now considering premium tax credits and unemployment benefits (scroll to Individuals and Families box near bottom of page)