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Health Connector Premium Deferral Program Update

May 1, 2020

The Health Connector's COVID-19 premium deferral program has ended. For those members who qualified, the last set of account adjustments were done this past week. On May 1, any member who received a loan will have a bill issued for their June coverage. If they pay this bill by 5/23 their account will be in good standing and then be billed regularly for upcoming months. If members who received loans do not pay for their June coverage by 5/23, their accounts will be in delinquent status. 

Also in early May, members who received loans will get a letter telling them that the premium deferral loan program isn't covering future missed payments and they'll need to pay their June bills to stay in coverage. The Health Connector will communicate with them again, at a later date with details on when they will have to repay the loan. If members still need help with their payments, they should review their online application and report any changes to their situation. ConnectorCare members should consider applying for a hardship waiver if they are experiencing challenges paying their premiums due to the COVID emergency or for other reasons.