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Health Connector's Open Enrollment begins today, November 1!

November 1, 2019

The Health Connector's Open Enrollment for 2020 coverage begins today, November 1st. In preparation for this year's open enrollment period, please review the information below and see the links to other available resources. These tools can help you better assist members who have questions about their health insurance coverage options.

Open Enrollment is the time of year when individuals and families can enroll in the Health Connector's non-group health insurance coverage or switch existing coverage for any reason, without needing a qualifying event. This year's Open Enrollment is November 1, 2019 through January 23, 2020.

Health Connector Shopping Tools and Resources

Plan Comparison tool: The Health Connector's Provider and Prescription medication search is part of the online shopping process through the consumer's application. It lets you see which plans cover preferred providers, facilities and prescription medications.

Detailed prescription medication information is also available, such as if a prior authorization is required and what the retail copay tier will be. This tool lets you do side-by-side plans comparisons while displaying the information you searched for.

The Health Connector's Provider and Prescription search can be accessed directly from the online application while you are helping a consumer shop for a plan. You can also use this tool outside of someone's application by clicking on the direct link.

When using the tool outside of the online application, you enter limited information about a person's eligibility such as income and family size to get an estimate of the plans the consumer may be eligible for in their zip code.

Health Connector Open Enrollment Materials

Updated Health Connector materials are now available from the renewal page for Open Enrollment 2020:

We recommend bookmarking this page for use during Open Enrollment.  In addition, you can always access the Resource Download Center at:

You may find it helpful to mail these materials to members in advance of appointments.

  • 2020 ConnnectorCare Plan Shopping Guide: Follow the steps in this guide to help you choose a ConnectorCare health insurance plan through the Massachusetts Health Connector.
  • 2020 Health Connector Plan Shopping Guide: Follow the steps in this guide to help you choose a health insurance plan through the Massachusetts Health Connector.
  • 2020 Consumer Guide to Subsidies: Can you get help paying for health insurance through the Health Connector? Download the guide to find out more.
  • 2020 ConnectorCare Overview: What are ConnectorCare plans? What do they cover? How much to they cost? Who can qualify? Download our Overview to find out about the Health Connector's the great benefits ConnectorCare offers with low monthly premiums, low co-pays, and NO deductibles.

The Health Connector Renewal and Shopping insert has been included in the Final Eligibility and Renewals packet mailed to all members this month. Review the questions and worksheet to become more familiar with ways to support members through the Health Connector health plan shopping process.