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Hearing Aid History Member Search In POSC

May 9, 2022

Effective Monday May 2, 2022, the Provider Online Service Center (POSC) will have a new function to allow providers of hearing aid services to check member hearing aid history. This new function will work in real time. To utilize the new function, providers will first need to log into the POSC. In the Provider Services panel, in the left navigation, select “Manage Claims and Payments” and then select “Hearing Aid Member Search.” Providers should then enter the member 12-digit MassHealth ID, click “search” and the member history will display. If there is no history or if an incorrect member ID is entered, the POSC will state that no records were found. For detailed instructions on how to use the new Hearing Aid Member Search, please visit Please also visit the POSC FAQs Hyperlink for more information.