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July 2021 Updates of the ACA-3 and SACA-2 Applications

July 20, 2021

    • The ACA-3 & SACA-2 applications have been updated
    • After July 31, 2021, MassHealth will not accept the March 2021 versions of these applications
Effective immediately, please use the new July 2021 version of both the ACA-3 & SACA-2 applications. The updates reflect the following:
    • New: MassHealth applicants can use the MassHealth applications to apply for the Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program (SNAP). New language is added on the instruction page and on page 1 of the ACA-3 and SACA-2 applications.
    • New language added to the rights and responsibilities for applicants seeking to also apply for the SNAP program.
    • Removed the question: “Is your income steady from month to month.”  
    • New: The question of “Did you receive unemployment income in 2021?” is added to the Yearly Income section. This was added to comply with the American Rescue Plan implementation. The law provides access to $0 plans for people who have received or been approved to receive unemployment for any week of 2021. 
Please recycle the March 2021 version, it should not be distributed to the public once you receive the new versions. Applications received using the March 2021 versions that are submitted after July 31st will be returned to the applicant, and a July 2021 application will need to be completed.
Download the new ACA-3 and SACA-2 applications at, or you can order the applications and member booklets.
Ordering Member Materials: Paper Application and Member Booklets

Order paper applications or the member booklets by one of the following ways:
When ordering be sure to include:
    • name of the form being ordered (e.g., ACA-3, SACA-2)
    • quantity requested
    • your name, organization, and shipping address the materials will be delivered to, and
    • your direct phone number in case there is a question about the order.