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MassHealth Reminder - Batch 5,000 Claims Per ST/SE Segment Size Limit

September 8, 2020
MassHealth would like to remind all trading partners (providers, billing intermediaries, and clearinghouses) who submit professional or institutional electronic batch claims transactions (837P, 837I), that each Transaction Set header/trailer (ST/SE) MUST NOT contain more than 5,000 claims.
Any Transaction that contains more than 5,000 claims per ST/SE segment will be rejected. The error code 147 - "The file has exceeded the maximum transaction count limit" will be returned in the 999 Acknowledgement.

Please make sure that you have made the appropriate changes to your electronic claims transaction submission practices to ensure that the total count within each transaction does not exceed 5,000 claims per ST/SE segment.

If you have any questions or need further assistance, you may email the MassHealth Customer Service Center at