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New Health Connector Customer Features are Here

July 7, 2020

Beginning Today, Health Connector members can use our new payment site which has a new simpler look. Members can also pay by phone by using their bank account information. Members can make a phone payment any time of day, even when the Health Connector call center is closed.

Members can also take advantage of more choices with AutoPay. They can choose to have payments withdrawn on the 15th or the 23rd of each month. They can also choose to have a set payment amount withdrawn for AutoPay. If a member already has AutoPay, their payments will continue and will be withdrawn on the 23rd of each month, unless they change it.

Members can ask for help online without having to call customer service. Through their online account, members will be able to ask Health Connector Customer Service for help with certain billing questions.
Members will also have more content available in Spanish. Members can read their notices, bills, and their online account in Spanish if they prefer. Members can change their language preference in their online account at any time.

Review the insert that was recently mailed to Health Connector members as part of their July bill.

More changes and improvements are coming. We'll keep you informed.