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New: MassHealth Now Accepts ARD I and PSI Form Completion VERBALLY

July 23, 2020
Effective 06/29/2020, MassHealth applicants or members may complete the ARD I (Authorized Representative Designee) and PSI (Permission to Share Information) forms verbally on a recorded phone line with MassHealth Customer Service.

IMPORTANT: Both the MassHealth applicant or member and Assister or designee must be on the phone at the time of request. 

  • The ability to provide a Verbal ARD I will continue beyond the COVID-19 national emergency period.
  • The ability to provide a Verbal PSI will be reviewed when the COVID-19 national emergency period ends.

Verbal requests for all ARD II or ARD III designations will not be completed over the phone. Continue to complete and submit by mail or fax requests for ARD II and ARD III. The ARD form is available in English and Spanish.