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New Special Enrollment Period (SEP) for those with income at or below 150%

April 12, 2022

The Health Connector put in place a new SEP.
ConnectorCare eligible individuals whose income does not exceed 150% FPL have an opportunity to enroll or change plans one time per month during 2022.
    • If the American Rescue Plan (ARP) subsidies are extended, the SEP will apply in future years. However, if they expire as they are currently scheduled to at the end of this calendar year, the SEP will not be available next year
How does this work?
    • ConnectorCare eligible individuals up to 150% FPL can enroll or change plans once per month during 2022
    • Eligible members will see a message on their eligibility results screens, along with the “Find a Plan” button
    • This new SEP does not change the 60-day SEP individuals receive when they are newly eligible for ConnectorCare
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