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Personal Emergency Response System (PERS) for MassHealth Members Who Have Elected the MassHealth Hospice Benefit

July 25, 2022

MassHealth would like to take this opportunity to provide a reminder for MassHealth enrolled PERS providers regarding PERS devices, coordination with the hospice provider, and billing for PERS devices for MassHealth members who have elected the MassHealth Hospice Benefit.

Be advised that per 130 CMR 450.403(A) Payment in Full “No provider may solicit, charge, receive, or accept any money, gift, or other consideration from a member, or from any other person, for any item or medical service for which payment is available under MassHealth,” PERS providers may not bill a MassHealth member for a lifeline device even if the member has enrolled in the MassHealth Hospice Benefit.

PERS providers who provide lifeline devices to MassHealth members who are in the MassHealth Hospice Benefit must coordinate with the hospice to determine if the device is related to the palliation and management of the member’s terminal illness. If this device is not related to the palliation and management of the member’s terminal illness the hospice will give the PERS provider a letter stating that.  The PERS provider should submit this with their claim to MassHealth.

If a hospice provider determines that the lifeline is related to the member’s terminal illness the hospice provider should document this in the member’s plan of care and the hospice provider is responsible for payment to the PERS provider. At no time should the MassHealth member be billed for the lifeline per 130 CMR 450.403(A) and 130 CMR 450.403(B).

If you or your agency has questions regarding this communication, please contact the LTSS Service Center at (844) 368-5184 or