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Support New and Existing Health Connector Members as Extended Open Enrollment Ends July 23rd!

July 15, 2021

Help those eligible for but not enrolled in ConnectorCare Coverage

In July and August, approximately 30K ConnectorCare eligible but unenrolled applicants will be losing access to their full Health Safety Net (HSN) benefits.

Individuals eligible for ConnectorCare have 90 days of Health Safety Net coverage as they enroll in a ConnectorCare plan. After someone enrolls, their HSN benefits change to dental-only to complement their health benefits in ConnectorCare. However, individuals who do not enroll in ConnectorCare risk being without access to health coverage at all if they do not enroll in a ConnectorCare plan by July 23rd.

Remember that due to the American Rescue Plan savings, Health Connector applicants were recently redetermined for coverage and were noticed from late April – mid May.

In addition, during the month of July, these members were also outreached via email to remind them to take action and enroll in coverage before the end of open enrollment on July 23rd.

Please be prepared to assist these consumers who may be seeking your support. Review the related HSN administrative bulletin