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System Update: American Rescue Plan subsidies for Health Connector members with income above 400 percent FPL now available

April 30, 2021

The American Rescue Plan is delivering more savings to help Health Connector members pay for health coverage .

Those savings come in the form of increased Advance Premium Tax Credits (APTCs). Last night, 4/29/21, the Health Connector made additional changes to the online application at that will result in more applicants getting access to new APTCs and decreased monthly premiums.

The Health Connector will now begin making APTC calculations for those with incomes over 400 percent of the FPL. These individuals may have APTCs available to them and decreased premiums that are no more than 8.5 percent of their annual income. These savings will be available for June coverage.

Current Health Connector members with incomes above 400 percent FPL who had applied for financial help in the past, do not need to take any action because of these system updates. These members will have their eligibility rechecked for additional subsidies automatically by the Health Connector in May.

Current Health Connector members with incomes above 400 percent FPL who have not applied for financial help in the past need to come back into their application and check that are applying for financial assistance in order to see if they qualify for any APTCs now.

Current Health Connector members that have applied for financial assistance will also see any APTC changes when they report changes. Any new applicant who submits a subsidized application for the first time will see any available APTCs at that time.

Note that everyone will see new banner messaging within the application that reads:

There is currently no income limit for getting help with health coverage costs through the Health Connector. Choose “Yes” to see if you qualify for financial help.

Sample screenshot of the new banner message:

In summary:

  • Anyone with income over 400 percent of FPL who submits a subsidized application or reports a change on their subsidized application and qualifies for APTCs could receive these additional subsidies for their June coverage.
  • Current Health Connector members who applied for subsidies do not need to do anything to get this new extra help. The Health Connector will be checking each member’s status in May.
  • Current Health Connector members who had never applied for subsidies will need to apply for financial assistance on their current application to find out if they newly qualify for APTCs.
  • If members do not want to take the full amount of their APTCs, they can take less by using the “slider” available from the Change Tax Credit link, found on the Find a Health Plan page of their application.
  • When explaining these changes to any Health Connector members, please refer to these FAQs.
  • You can learn more about the American Rescue Plan and the benefits for Health Connector members by attending the next MTF session.

Reminders regarding system updates for the Online Application at

It is recommended that following any systems release or update, you should clear cache or internet history before accessing the online application for a better web experience (if you need assistance, please check with your PC support team).

For more technical information, visit then scroll down to choose the subsection: How to clear your browser's cache (history/memory).