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Tax Filing Reminders for Health Connector and MassHealth Members

February 19, 2020

Tax Filing Reminders

2019 Tax forms have been recently mailed to Health Connector members and MassHealth members. These forms are needed when members file their state and federal taxes for tax year 2019.

Beginning with tax year 2019, the penalty for the Federal individual mandate is $0. However, Massachusetts residents are still required to provide proof of enrollment in health insurance coverage in order to meet the requirements of the state's individual mandate or risk being penalized.

When working with consumers who may have questions about their coverage and taxes, you can remind them that:

  • Filing taxes and reconciling impacts a consumer's eligibility for APTCs, including the Health Connector's ConnectorCare program
  • If they received APTCs and don't file a federal income tax return, they won't be able to get help paying for their health insurance through a tax credit or ConnectorCare again in the future until they reconcile their APTCs on their taxes
  • Tax filing status also impacts a member's ability to receive tax credits. For example, married couples must file taxes jointly to be eligible for APTCs when they file their return, unless an exception applies.
  • They need to tell MassHealth or the Health Connector about any changes such as income, job loss or change, marriage or pregnancy, to help minimize unexpected repayments when reconciling their taxes
  • They should keep MassHealth and the Health Connector documents as they may be needed if the IRS or their tax preparer has questions about their coverage:
    • 1095 and 1099-HC forms
    • Eligibility and enrollment notices which can be used to help determine their coverage effective date
  • They can indicate their wish to apply for a state mandate exemption on their Schedule HC when filing their state taxes
  • There is free tax filing help available. For Free Tax Return Preparation for Qualifying Taxpayers:

For more information and links to other tax resources visit the Health Connector's Tax Filing page

You can also review the Health Connector's and MassHealth End of Year Tax Filing content that was recently presented at the MTF meeting.

As always, we advise you not to provide tax advice to members, unless you have another designated role such as a VITA/TCE volunteer.


Updated Tax Filing Resources

Please review and share these updated tax related resources:

  1. Assister Reference to Health Connector Tax Filing Forms: Explains which tax forms Health Connector members will receive, who will be sending them and how to request a corrected or duplicate form.
  2. Assister Reference to MassHealth Tax Filing Forms: Explains which MassHealth members will be receiving tax forms, which forms they will get, who will be sending them and how to request a corrected or duplicate form.
  3. Reference: If You Fail to File Taxes and Reconcile Advance Premium Tax Credits (APTC): Explains Health Connector member responsibility for filing and reconciling any tax credits received.
  4. Tax Filing Options: Provides information on how to file taxes on your own or with in-person help.

Letters to Tax Preparers: These letters should be shared with ConnectorCare members, available in English and Spanish. They outline member tax filing responsibilities for tax preparers.