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Technical Refresh TPT Office Hours - Informational Sessions

July 8, 2019

MassHealth will offer webinar sessions from July 11th, 2019 to September 19th, 2019 to ensure providers are prepared to participate in Trading Partner Testing (TPT) activities for the phase one implementation of the Technical Refresh project, scheduled for September 30th, 2019. Phase one of the Technical Refresh project will impact the Health Care Benefit Inquiry and Response (270/271) batch transactions. Providers, Billing Intermediaries/Clearinghouses (BI/CH), and software vendors (SWVs) are expected to attend this training. As a reminder all trading partners (or entities) submitting electronic transactions are expected to complete trader partner testing (TPT) on behalf of their MassHealth providers to ensure HIPAA file compliance during the testing time frame of July 29th, 2019 to September 20th, 2019.

Webinar topics will include:

  • Kickoff of Trading Partner Testing
  • Technical Refresh project background
  • TPT schedule walkthrough
  • Testing instructions walkthrough
  • MassHealth Companion Guides updates
  • TPT Checklist walkthrough
  • Frequently Asked Questions review
  • EDI resources review

The trading partner training event schedule will be posted soon on the MassHealth webpage dedicated to the Technical Refresh at:

If you have any questions, please email the MassHealth Customer Service Center (CSC) at or call 1-800-841-2900.