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Thank You to all MassHealth Providers

July 24, 2020

Dear MassHealth Providers:

COVID-19 has touched every corner of our Commonwealth, and while we have seen the devastating impact of the virus on many of our communities, we have also seen health care providers rise to the occasion to provide care and comfort to patients and support critical public health efforts to keep Massachusetts residents safe.

On behalf of everyone at MassHealth, we want to extend our gratitude to you, our provider community, during this unprecedented and challenging time.

Many providers have been on the frontlines of the COVID-19 public health emergency, providing preventive care and educating patients about staying safe during the pandemic, providing direct care to individuals sick with COVID-19, continuing to ensure access to essential emergency and institutional care, and comforting patients, families, and staff who are mourning every tragic loss of life. Others have seen their practice dramatically shift in response to COVID-19, whether that involved transitioning much of their care to telehealth services, finding unique ways to reach members, and temporarily deferring and delaying non-essential treatment as a necessary public health measure. We recognize that for many providers these have been an especially challenging three months, and we appreciate your continued dedication to serving MassHealth members.

As we move forward in reopening the Commonwealth, the participation and support of our provider community will be critical. We are working with our colleagues across Health and Human Services, and in coordination with you and the rest of the provider community, to establish thoughtful guidelines for this work.

Again, we appreciate your support and dedication to our members and look forward to our continued partnership through the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond.

Amanda Cassel Kraft
Acting Medicaid Director