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Updated Health Coverage Mail/Fax Cover Sheet and Assister Job Aid

May 21, 2020

Updated Health Coverage Mail/Fax Cover Sheet

The MassHealth and Health Connector Health Coverage Mail/Fax Cover Sheet has been updated to include the new Health Connector mailing address. 

  • When using the Mail/Fax cover sheet, remember, enter the member information as outlined. 
  • Do NOT photocopy the cover sheet containing the barcode. For barcodes to work, the sheet with the barcode must be an original, not a copy. 
  • Use a separate two-page cover sheet for each household. 
  • Do NOT use the same two-page cover sheet to send items for more than one household. 
  • Always mail or fax verifications to the address or fax on the letter requesting the verifications. 

If you are not sure where to fax or mail documents, contact the MassHealth Customer Service Center at 1-800-841-2900.

Updated Assister Job Aid: Where to Send Documents

The Where to Send Documents job aid has been updated. This job aid explains where to send different types of Health Connector or MassHealth documents. The job aid also lists the mailing addresses and fax numbers that should be used and includes a link to the newly updated Health Coverage Mail/Fax cover sheet.
Please note:

  • If you mailed documents to the old address at 133 Portland St. Boston, they will be forwarded to the new address for a brief period of time following this address change. 
  • The Health Connector walk-in center at 133 Portland Street will be available to drop off documents once the center reopens.

The mailing address for Health Connector payments is not changing. For more instruction on submitting payments, including the payment mailing address please review: