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Summer 2023 Meeting Materials

MTF Accessibility Statement:  All MTF presentations posted below are in pdf accessibility format. If you require a different format, please complete the request form and note your accessibility concern, the format in which you prefer to receive the material, and the webpage address of the requested material and email the form to

MassHealth Updates - Presented by MassHealth
The tentative topics that will be discussed are MassHealth’s 2023-2024 Redetermination Updates, Electronic Signature Guidelines, the new MyServices Portal, and more. (Please note topics are subject to change). 
MA Health Care Learning Series - Presented by MassHealth and the Health Connector
Join staff from MassHealth and the Health Connector as they provide updates related to the MassHealth Renewals process, Health Connector Redeterminations and Renewals and system updates for the online application at  
Health Safety Net Updates - Presented by Health Safety Net
The HSN presentation will focus on new inpatient bad debt claim requirements, an update on certain inpatient claims pricing at $0.00, information related to Health Safety Net interim payments and claim reconciliations, and FY21 closure date.
MassHealth Premium Assistance Program - Presented by MassHealth Premium Assistance and ForHealth Consulting at UMass Chan Medical School 
This will be an overview of the MassHealth Premium Assistance program. We will discuss the application process, standards for qualification, and the enrollment process if Premium Assistance has confirmed that a member has access to qualifying employer sponsored insurance. We will also discuss the HIRD initiative and how it is used to assist MassHealth in identifying members who may qualify for the Premium Assistance program.
Protecting Beneficiaries from Becoming Victims of Healthcare Errors, Fraud, and Abuse – Presented by The Massachusetts Senior Medicare Patrol (SMP) Program
The Senior Medicare Patrol program will provide a comprehensive overview of the MA SMP Program mission to MTF members.  Additionally, members will gain a better appreciation for the role they can have in activating consumers to become better engaged in their healthcare by keeping a personal healthcare journal, “My Health Care Tracker,” and documenting all medical encounters. Through case scenarios members will understand how healthcare errors, fraud, and abuse impacts individuals. Healthcare errors, fraud and abuse cost American taxpayers billions of dollars annually and can have devastating health related outcomes. We can all have a role in protecting beneficiaries.    
Collecting Race, Ethnicity, Language, Disability, Sexual Orientation, and Gender Identity Data (RELD and SOGI Data)  - Presented by MassHealth and the Health Connector

MassHealth and the Health Connector are dedicated to improving data collection including demographic data. Data collection helps MassHealth, and the Health Connector make informed policy and operational decisions to provide equitable access to health coverage for members and tailor services to meet members’ needs. Join us as we provide the latest update to these efforts. 

Webinar Objectives: After the webinar participants will be able to:

  • Describe why MassHealth and the Health Connector are collecting information on race, ethnicity, language, sexual orientation, and gender identity.
  • Explain basic concepts and definitions of race, ethnicity, and language as well as sexual orientation, and gender identity.
  • Introduce the new updates to how MassHealth and the Health Connector are collecting demographic information.

MassHealth Training Forum Provider Updates – Presented by MassHealth Provider Relations and Business Services and Supports (BSS)
The Provider Services training series provides information and updates that are of particular interest to MassHealth providers.  This session is hosted by MassHealth Provider Relations, Business Services and Supports (BSS) team and includes updates from the Office of Long-Term Services and Supports (OLTSS). Topics for the July 2023 meeting will include updates on Member Eligibility Redetermination, Important updates on Ordering Referring and Prescribing Resumption of Claim Denials, a review of the updated Prior Approval policy, New Automated ORP Revalidation process, and other important provider related updates and resources.