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Fall 2023 MTF Meetings

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MTF Meeting Dates and Times:

Each program will hold two virtual meetings and both meetings will cover the same information.  A Q&A session will follow each presentation.

Please note that when you register and receive your Zoom link, please do not share your link with others as all Zoom links are unique to the registered individual.  You must join the webinar with the same device that you registered on. If you use a different device, you will have to re-register at the time you join the webinar.

MassHealth Updates - Presented by MassHealth
MassHealth Updates will include information on the latest operational and program updates.
Health Connector Open Enrollment 2024 - Presented by Health Connector
The Health Connector team will provide an update on Open Enrollment for plan year 2024. This presentation will include information about the ConnectorCare expansion, newly available Health Insurance plans, shopping considerations for your community as well as payment and enrollment reminders.
Health Safety Net Updates - Presented by Health Safety Net
Health Safety Net will be discussing Interim Payments, Monovalent COVID Procedure Code updates, HSN Eligibility, and FY21 Ending.
MassHealth Training Forum Provider Updates - Presented by MassHealth Provider Services
The Provider Services training series provides information and updates that are of particular interest to MassHealth providers.  This session is hosted by MassHealth Provider Relations, Business Services and Supports (BSS) team and includes updates from the Office of Long-Term Services and Supports (OLTSS). Topics for the October 2023 meeting will include updates on Member Eligibility Redetermination,  Important updates on Ordering Referring and Prescribing Resumption of Claim Denials, a review of the MassHealth Coordinating Aligned, Relationship-centered, Enhanced Support (CARES) for Kids Program, an update on the Robotic Processing Automation (RPA) policy, and other important provider related updates and resources.
What's New in the Medicare World in 2024 - Presented by SHINE
SHINE will present new Medicare and insurance options for 2024, prescription drug benefits resulting from the Inflation Reduction Act, Medicare Savings Plan and Extra Help, and news relevant to the 65+ population with MassHealth.