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Health Connector Member Tax Filing Responsibilities

February 10, 2021

Each January, those who are enrolled in Health Connector health plans during the previous calendar year receive a 1095-A tax form. These forms are to be used when preparing federal tax returns. In addition, all Health Connector members receive a form 1099-HC from the health plan they are enrolled with, which should be used when preparing state tax returns.

Health Connector members who received Advance Premium Tax Credits (APTCs) to help reduce the cost of their coverage (including those enrolled in ConnectorCare plans) are required to file taxes and reconcile any APTCs received in order to remain eligible for tax credits in the future. In addition, those who did not receive APTCs in 2020 can use the information on their 1095-A to find out if they qualify to receive premium tax credits when they file their federal income tax returns.

To learn more about the tax filing process, APTCs and how they relate to maintaining Health Connector health coverage, review information from the Health Connector's website.