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MassHealth 2023-2024: Request for Information (RFI) Updates

July 28, 2023

As MassHealth continues with redeterminations, Requests for Information (RFIs) or verifications are a crucial piece to the process. Members are sent RFIs or verification requests when MassHealth is not able to verify their information through federal or state data sources. RFIs are sent out when someone applies for coverage, reports a change, or takes other actions within their case. Examples of common information requested through an RFI or verification can include income, assets, residency, social security number, citizenship, or immigration status. Although RFIs or verifications were sent out during the Public Health Emergency (PHE), members did not lose coverage if they did not respond to the RFI. With the end of the Maintenance of Effort (MOE) and throughout the redetermination process, members must respond to RFIs and verifications, which are sent in white envelopes, within 90 days. If there is no response to the RFI or verification, MassHealth will determine eligibility based on the information available through data sources, which may result in lesser coverage or termination.

To assist with the efforts to return RFIs and verifications, MassHealth will be outreaching and notifying members encouraging a response to RFIs or verifications through texts, emails, and robocalls. To ensure proper outreach and timing, MassHealth has temporarily delayed the return of RFIs, therefore any outstanding RFIs and verifications that have been sent out between April 1, 2023, and July 17, 2023, will be deactivated. Anyone who has not responded to the RFIs sent out between April 1 and July 17, will remain protected and their coverage will not be affected.

Beginning July 18, 2023, MassHealth began sending RFIs that are required to be responded to within 90 days, and members must respond by their assigned due date, or their coverage may be affected. MassHealth will continue to work with their partners to ensure outreach for this critical piece of the redetermination process.

The deactivated RFIs can be viewed in the Assister portal under the “My Account” dashboard and will be labeled as “not required.” New RFIs will appear, when necessary, with the due date.