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Update on Health Connector 1095-A Tax Forms

February 7, 2024
1095-A tax forms were mailed at the end of January to anyone who had health insurance through the Health Connector in 2023. Members should receive their forms during the week of February 5th. 
To get a duplicate 1095-A form, Health Connector members can either: 
  1. Download and print a copy of their form from the Tax Forms section on the Member Portal or  
  2. Call Health Connector Customer Service to request that they mail a duplicate. 
Please note that members enrolled with more than one carrier during the year will receive a form from each carrier. 
Here are the steps a Health Connector member can take to download their tax forms: 
  1. Go to  
  2. Click Log In at the top of the screen, then choose Individuals and Families 
  3. Sign In with your Optum ID (username) and password 
  4. Click My Enrollments  
  5. Click the Make a Payment button  
  6. Download and print a copy of the 1095-A form from the Tax Forms section on the Member Portal. 
Tip: Make sure your browser’s pop-up blocker is disabled or allows pop-ups from 
Requesting a Corrected 1095-A 
If you are helping a member and they believe there’s a mistake on their form 1095-A, call Health Connector Customer Service and explain that the member would like a “corrected” form and describe the enrollment error that needs to be fixed. Health Connector Customer Service can let the member know if a corrected form is needed. If a correction needs to be made, it may require enrollment changes and carrier approval. Report corrections to tax forms by March 1, to allow time for the new forms to be sent out before the tax filing deadline.  
Note: Navigators can view notices and forms, Certified Application Counselors (CACs) cannot.