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Update on Health Connector 1095-A Tax Forms

February 10, 2021

All 1095-A tax forms have been mailed to anyone who had health insurance through the Health Connector in 2020. If a member has not received their form already, they should receive them during the week of February 8th. 

To request a duplicate 1095-A form, Health Connector members can either download and print a copy of their form from the Tax Forms section on the Member Portal or call Health Connector Customer Service to request a duplicate be mailed to them. 

Here are the steps a Health Connector member can take to download their tax form:

1. Sign into your Health Connector account

2. Click the Make a Payment button

3. Choose Tax Forms from the left-hand menu to find your 1095-A forms for download

Tip: Make sure your browser's pop-up blocker is disabled or allows pop-ups from

Requesting a Corrected 1095-A

If you are helping a member and they believe there's a mistake on their form 1095-A, call Health Connector Customer Service and explain that you would like a "corrected" form and describe the enrollment error that needs to be fixed. Health Connector Customer Service can let the member know if a corrected form is needed. If a correction needs to be made, it may require enrollment changes and carrier approval. It is recommended to report any corrections to tax forms by March 1 to allow time for the new forms to be sent out prior to the tax filing deadline.

Note: Navigators can view Health Connector notices and forms, Certified Application Counselors (CACs) cannot.